Utility Occupancies

An applicant may obtain a Utility Occupancy License (Wire or Pipeline) through a formal application process. To initiate the process the applicant must fully complete the application form provided in the link below. Incomplete applications which do not include the latitude and longitude information will be rejected immediately. The completed application and a non-refundable $1,000 Application Fee, a non-refundable $1,750 Engineering Review Fee via check or money order made payable to the Railroad, is required for processing. It is recommended that a Right of Entry application be submitted concurrently with the application for Utility Occupancy License.

Upon receipt of the application and fees, the real estate team will review the package for approval. Application does not guarantee approval. If the application is approved, a Utility License agreement will be drafted and forwarded to the applicant for signature. The partially executed agreement must be returned to the Real Estate Department accompanied by the first year rental payment, deposit, and relevant proof of insurance (outlined in the agreement) prior to execution on behalf of the railroad.

Once a Utility Occupancy License Agreement is executed, a Right of Entry permit must be secured to enter onto railroad property. A Right of Entry (ROE) or Contractor Occupancy/Access Agreement is a separate application and requires the submission of a non-refundable $1,750 fee (due when utility application submitted) for a sixty (60) day term.

For “standard processing”, the entire process takes between 6-8 weeks. “Expedited processing” is available and will reduce the processing time to between 1-2 weeks at an additional cost of $2,500. For all expedited requests the application and plans submitted must meet engineering specifications and be approved in order for the applicable agreement(s) to be forwarded to the applicant for signature within 2 weeks from receipt of all required information. It is important to note that an incomplete application and plans submitted that do not meeting engineering specifications will cause a delay in the processing of expedited request and the two week guarantee no longer applies if revisions tobe made by the applicant are required to be made to the plans in order for them to meet engineering specs.

For any questions about Utility permits please contact:

Crystal Galbreath – Real Estate Manager at 904-596-7782 – gwappswest@gwrr.com or

Brittany Lewis – Real Estate Coordinator at 904-596-7798 – gwappseast@gwrr.com

Or by Mail:
Genesee & Wyoming Railroad Services, Inc.
Attention Real Estate Dept.
13901 Sutton Park Dr., S., Suite 270
Jacksonville, FL 32224

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